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Beyond court skills, a big part of the Overathird camp is focused on helping girls build character and confidence through activities off the court. Campers can look forward to learning many important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication through interactive workshops, fun activities and sharing sessions by current and past national team players.

You will also be tasked to work as a team to complete a series of fun challenges aimed at helping them foster teamwork and improve communication skills.

All camp programs are designed and led by our Overathird team, Micky and Shuyi.

School Holiday Camps

Can’t get enough of netball during the school term? You can now enjoy a two-day ultimate netball experience with fun and engaging day camp activities during the school holidays!

Overathird Netball Camps are created to help budding netballers like you, develop a better understanding of the game and improve your court performance.

Take this opportunity to make new friends from other schools. Either way, you are going to have a fun and fulfilling school holiday!

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Sample Holiday Camp Timetable

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School Netball Camps

Great news! Overathird Netball Camp is now open for bookings by schools who are interested to hold their very own netball camps!

At Overathird, we help schools design, plan and run dedicated netball camps for their teams. Working closely with the coach and teacher-in-charge, Overathird develops a customised netball program based on identified skill areas and training objectives to help teams achieve their goals.

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