We know Co-Curricular Activities in schools have stood down for exams, and work is probably getting crazier. Everyone is getting a little too tired, a little too lazy, a little too much of everything.

Need a bit of spicing up in your workouts? Or just really try to hang on to your NEW YEAR’S FITNESS RESOLUTIONS (do you even remember them)? We are here to help!

Here’s a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) challenge which takes up no more than 30 minutes of your time. Inject a little bit of fun into your workout to help you keep… FLIPPIN’ fit 🙂

P.S. We really enjoy these exercises as they give us a full body workout!

(Video featuring Nurul Baizura and Lee Pei Shan)


  1. Perform Dynamic Warm Up, approx. 5 minutes
  2. Set a Tabata Timer going. Work/Rest ratio: 20s work/ 10s rest
  3. Perform each exercise 4 – 6 times. (It will work out to be 2 – 3 minutes per flip/exercise)
  4. Rest between each flip/exercise = 30 – 45 seconds

Equipments Needed:

  1. Coin – for flipping (Alternatively, google ‘flip the coin)
  2. Tabata Timer App (Our go-to timer is the ‘Interval Timer‘ app, available on both Google Play and Apple Store)
  3. Bottle/Cone (Optional, if you have really good imagination 😉)
  4. Workout Buddy (Optional, but good to have!)
  5. Great Spirit!! (VERY essential)

ENJOY, and hit us up to let us know how it went!


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