We were excited to be back at AIS again to kick-start the netball season for the U14 – U16 girls. To help the girls get game ready for the upcoming ACSIS tournament, we started off each morning with some intensive fitness sessions. Coach Shoes injected fun and competition into the drills to get the girls going (and to distract them from the exhaustion!).

Fitness session for AIS girls

Working with the AIS Coach Georgina, we customised the camp program to cover specific skill sets during the court sessions. The girls also had the opportunity to work with specialist coaches that focus on their playing positions.

Ask any of the girls and they will tell you that the highlight of the camp was definitely the afternoon team challenges and activities. Here are some of our favourite challenges!

Team challenge: caterpillar race
Caterpillar Race
Team challenge: melting ice to retrieve scrabble tile
Ice Melting (Biting??)
Team challenge: water relay
Water Relay

It’s not all just fun and games – we got down to some serious goals setting exercise as well! Will the girls accomplish what they set out to achieve in 3 months time?

AIS Overathird Netball Camp Goal SettingAt the end of the 3-day camp, every camper walked home with their own personalised netball inscribed with their names, and promised to make good use of it. Great job girls, and all the best for the upcoming season. Go AIS Sharks!

AIS Overathird Netball Camp Team photo with balls

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AIS Netball Overathird Camp on Instagram

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