The way you lace your netball shoes can have a big impact on fit and comfort. Certain lacing techniques can also help prevent injuries, alleviate pain and relieve foot problems. Here are some useful shoe lacing technique for netballers.

For Ankle Support & To Prevent Heel Slippage

Try the heel lock lacing method with an extra step just before tying your laces. It keeps the ankle and heel area nice and snug, which also helps prevent painful blisters and black toes!


To Prevent Black Toe Nails

The stop-change movement in netball often causes our toes to strike against the front of the shoe, resulting in the big toenail turning black or sore. Protect your big toes by lifting the toe cap with this simple lacing method.


For Those With Wide Feet

If you have wider feet and often find your shoes too tight, try this parallel lacing method. The laces are evenly distributed, providing extra room and added comfort!


Prevent Numbness On Top Of Feet

For those with a foot bump on top of their feet, the regular criss cross lacing method may cause pain and numbness due to the direct pressure applied on it. Try the following lacing method to skip over the area of the bump instead!


That’s all folks! We hope the lacing methods above are helpful for you. Share this article with a friend that will find this useful!

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