We hope you found our beginner ladder exercises useful! This week, we are featuring another set of 16 exercises for those who are up for a little more challenge. In this series of exercises, you will spot more single leg exercises which are great for training your landing stability.

Same rules apply, go through the sequence as quick as you can while maintaining the accuracy in footwork. The more you practice, the faster you get!

Here’s a summary of the 16 exercises demonstrated in the video. (For the single leg exercises, remember to switch sides and work on the other leg too!)

  1. Front Hops + Run
  2. Lateral Hops + Step
  3. Side Straddle Hops
  4. Carioca
  5. Icky Shuffle
  6. Backward Icky Shuffle
  7. Double Icky Shuffle
  8. Castle Wall
  9. Quick Feet Forward Hold
  10. Double Leg Zig Zag
  11. Single Leg Zig Zag
  12. Two Forward One Back
  13. Double Leg Box Skip
  14. Single Leg Box Skip
  15. Forward Trail Leg Whip
  16. Backward Trail Leg Whip

Have a question on the exercises in the video? Feel free to drop us a note.

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