Speed and agility are important for netballers, regardless of the position you play on court. We are introducing a series of ladder programs that can help you get the quick feet you need for both attacking and defensive movement on court.

Ladder exercises can incorporate as part of training warm up, or as one of your court drills with ball passes. Check out the video below with 16 exercises to get you started. Remember – the more you practice, the faster you get!

Here’s a summary of the 16 exercises demonstrated in the video. (For the single leg exercises, remember to switch sides and work on the other leg too!)

  1. One Step
  2. Two Steps
  3. Two Steps Lateral
  4. Double Leg Hops
  5. Single Leg Lateral Hops
  6. Single Leg Zig Zag
  7. Hopscotch
  8. 90 Degrees Pivot
  9. Shuffles (Leading Leg First)
  10. Shuffles (Trailing Leg First)
  11. River Dance (Forward)
  12. River Dance (Backward)
  13. Quick Feet Taps (Forward)
  14. Quick Feet Taps (Side)
  15. Icky Shuffle
  16. Wide Icky Shuffle (With Hold)

If you are up for something more challenging, try our advance ladder program here! Feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions on the exercises!

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