Inspired by the Chinese New Year zodiac installations all over town, we’ve decided to put together a rooster year prediction for our fellow netballers – just for fun! 



Career luck: You will shoot over 80% in every match provided you shoot with your left hand. Right handed shooters… It is recommended that you practice 88 shots daily this year to improve your luck.

Wealth luck: This year, it’s important to be thrifty. Avoiding spending on frivolous goods such as fancy socks or wristbands.

Health Luck: You have low risk of injury this year, except when defended by a GK who wears a blue hairband. If you see a GK with a blue hairband, make sure to wear a pink hairtie to counteract their feng shui.

Auspicious colour: IC Pink

Auspicious numbers: 4, 7


Career Luck: You have excellent potential this year, more so if your GS is right-handed. Your shooting star is bright, especially for games starting at 3pm and 7pm.

Wealth Luck: Do not expect windfall luck. Place a pair of running shoes outside your door to remedy your feng shui.

Health Luck: The goddess of health is not shining upon you this year. You have a high chance of getting a finger sprain from a teammate. Beware teammates who have hard passing skills.

Auspicious colour: Liu Sha Bao Yellow

Auspicious numbers: 2, 4


Career luck: Do not engage in netball politics. Concentrate on your game play and avoid asking for lobs.

Wealth luck: It is likely that wealth luck is by your side. This is the year to plant a money tree.

Health luck: With the grace of Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), it is likely you will grow taller this year. Congrats.

Lucky colour: Kaya green

Lucky numbers: 1, 9


Career luck: C and WD fall under the zodiac triangle of compatibility. With the collaboration of other auspicious stars, it is likely that there will be bountiful partnership opportunities.

Wealth luck: It is time to recoup losses from last year. You have been too generous. Teammates will return you money you didn’t even know they borrowed.

Health luck: Due to the stars ‘bing fu’ and ‘wang shen’, you are prone to getting blisters this year. Wear blue shoes with double socks to prevent this.

Lucky colour: Comfort Taxi blue

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 6


Career Luck: Your best friend this year is C. Partnership with C and GD will provide maximum power in the triangle of compatibility. Stay clear of GSs who charge at you from the shooting circle.

Wealth Luck: Don’t be greedy. Stay rational. Buy less Llao Llao and BAKE cheese tarts. You will have good luck with Grab but not Uber when running late for trainings.

Health Luck: Avoid any extreme recreational activities. Stick to drills you know best to avoid ankle sprains.

Lucky colour: Ang ku kueh red

Lucky numbers: 3, 9


Career Luck: You will always receive help from benefactors (GK) in times of crisis. Stay calm under pressure especially during stressful situations.

Wealth Luck: Abundance of wealth is on your side. It is advisable to save more even though luck is glowing this year, as next year looks iffy.

Health Luck: You will have good kidneys, intestines and lungs this year. However your hair will need some management. Auspicious months to visit a hairdresser is the 3rd, 4th and 9th month of the lunar calendar.

Lucky numbers: 3, 4

Lucky colour: Pikachu Yellow


Career luck: Congratulations! Expect a wonderful year ahead. Perform your best on court. Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded!

Wealth Luck: Don’t be greedy, stay rational. Understand what you can afford and only need. Aka you don’t need 3 pairs of court shoes.

Health Luck: Avoid going places with strong Yin energies. Stay away from the transverse line.

Lucky Colour: Milo Brown

Lucky number: 4, 5

Predictions by MasterPrem at Fu Lin Shou complex (believe what you read at your own risk). Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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