Do you want to improve your fitness? Or perhaps you need inspirations for new workout ideas? We scoured through the App Store to bring to you a list of 5 recommended fitness apps so you can get some good workouts during those non-court training days.

1) J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

Don’t have hours to spare? Try the Johnson & Johnson seven-minute high-intensity workout which involves 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall. Those seven minutes should be, well, unpleasant. The upside is you only need seven minutes!

If you are up for the challenge, the app also provides 21 other easy to hard workouts for you to explore. You can also customise your own workout; here are some exercises that are great for netballers: Side-to-side Shuffle, Step-up, Mountain Climbers, Plyo Split Squat, Lunge, Touch & Kick.

2) Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club is a free-to-download app that offers over 100 workouts led by professional athletes. The app tells you what you need for each workout in advance (e.g. an exercise mat, medicine ball, and dumbbells) and the duration required. I love that the interface is clean, easy to navigate and completely FREE.

3) Runtastic Six Pack

Your core is the foundation upon which all movement occurs. Having a strong core allows you to have greater body control on the court, and decreasing the chances of injury.

Want to do more work on the core? Try Runtastic Six Pack. Runtastic has long been a leader in the fitness category for mobile apps and has delivered an app focusing specifically on midsection workouts. With the free program, you can try a selection of their programs – good enough to get you started. Unlock the full version for S$6.98 to access more exercises and customise your own workout.

4) Fitstar Personal Trainer

Already own a Fitbit? You may want to try their app training program – Fitstar. Fitstar will recommend exercises based on your daily activity tracked with your Fitbit device, providing personalised fitness guidance to better help you reach your goals.

Fitstar is free to download and easy to get started. You can also choose to upgrade and access their premium program, but it doesn’t come cheap. A monthly subscription cost S$10.98 and a yearly subscription will set you back S$58.98. Well, it’s still more affordable than hiring a personal trainer or getting a full gym membership.

5) Sworkit

All the exercises recommended on Sworkit app are bodyweight-based, so you don’t need additional equipment for any of the workouts. Simply pick a workout, decide how much time you have, and voila! There are also stretching programs included to help with your recovery process.

Want more? Try their premium content for S$6.98/month, or S$58.98/year. With the plan, you can access sports specific workout such as Soccer, Softball and Surfing. Unfortunately, Netball is not on the list – we suggest you try the Basketball program for a start.

Do you have a fitness app that you love but is not on this list? Drop us a note and let us know!

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